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Everyone understands the importance in having a website for your business, club or organisation. If you are looking to develop a site from scratch or redesign your current website, we can help.



Our preferred open-source CMS framework is WordPress. We have developed our own in-house theme framework and plugins that we use to provide an easy-to-use solution to our clients. We aim to make WordPress even easier to use than it already is.


Small Business Sites

We have developed many client websites using this well supported and flexible framework. Typically, this will involve a number of pages showcasing your business and providing about and contact information. WordPress is ideal for this type of site and allows you the flexibility to edit your content easily.


Extending WordPress

If you need professionally built, custom WordPress functionality, we have developed custom plugins and theme add-ons for our clients to help with new and existing websites. We have built a range of plugins to suit our clients needs, all adhering to WordPress guidelines and functionality.


CodeIgniter and PyroCMS

Do you have a project that requires a more closed-source solution? We also develop bespoke websites using CodeIgniter and PyroCMS. We can add functionality to the core features of PyroCMS to suit your application or website. Please get in touch for more information.


Other Frameworks

If it is built in PHP, then we develop with it. If you have a website or application that was built using Joomla or Drupal, then we can provide support and consultation on new and existing websites. Please get in touch and we can talk through you requirements.


Maintaining Open-source Frameworks

One of the things that must be monitored on opensource websites is security. Open-source projects are constantly evolving and the code is available to all. This makes it easier than on close source projects to find security holes. As security holes are discovered, patches are released soon afterwards.

This means that your website will need to be updated regularly throughout the year. We provide this service in our maintenance contract that we issue with every open source CMS.