Silverarm Solutions is a PHP & MySQL Development Company based in Dublin.

Email or call + 353 16629090

We are a software consultancy company that finds solutions to streamline and automate our clients’ business processes.

Our core business is based around websites and web services that are built on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP) stack.


We specialise in a number of technologies and languages that we select depending on the requirements of our clients.

Our main expertise is in PHP, MySQL, Apache and Linux and we utilise CodeIgniter as our preferred framework for application development.

We also specialise in XML, JSON, AJAX and SOAP when required for projects and have experience in PERL and SQL Server.

SME and Enterprise Websites

Many of our projects for clients involve building bespoke CMS Websites. We utilise both our own custom CMS and open-source CMS options such as WordPress.

We have built custom WordPress plugins and themes for many clients and can consult on existing WordPress projects also.

SMS Marketing Solutions

We can help configure and build solutions to interact with the API of our flagship product SilverTexter SMS. We help to automate the sending and receiving of SMS messages to and from you clients. Learn more about how you can improve your businesses relationship with your customers.