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We take pride in the service we offer to our clients. Below are some of the recommendations we have received from them.


The Drive-Rite website operates with a full content management system. This allows me to control all the changes in the site while keeping the efforts towards this end at a minimum.

Silverarm not only developed a site editable using a CMS but also provides server-side functionality to derive whatever information is required from this site content.

I found Silverarm to be very customer focused. Any issues which I had were dealt very effectively and quickly by the team. They were always at hand to discuss any questions or development plans and listened first to what we wanted before adding their own suggestions.

Michael Mulhern | Design Engineer | Drive-Rite



The Tom Hogan Motors Group, largest Toyota and Lexus Dealer Group commissioned Silverarm Solutions to build its entire corporate website www.tomhoganmotors.com. Not a straight forward task this website required a corporate site, four Toyota and two Lexus sub sites to be built.

Silverarm Solutions not only advised and assisted us with the design and lay-out of our website, they also created a innovative Used Car Search Engine function which allows us to automatically upload all our used cars using one easy to use Interface. Our entire used car stock along with car images can now be uploaded to our corporate website and many other car related websites in a click of a button, that’s how simply Silverarm Solutions has made it for us!

They also built a backend content management system which is very user friendly and allows us to update the content on our website in seconds.

Their knowledge, attention to detail and quality of service is highly commendable, and they continuously provide us with a high level of support in a very prompt manner.

I am delighted to say Silverarm Solutions have helped the Tom Hogan Motor Group build a corporate website we are very proud of.

Deirdre Fitzgerald | Group Marketing Manager | Tom Hogan Motor Group



Thrifty Car Rental have used the services of Silverarm Solutions since 2001. In this time Silverarm Solutions has saved the company large amounts of money by taking repetitive tasks and automating them to take out the user from the loop.

Their ability to be able to break down  and understand user requirements and their ability to be able to match latest technology for the solution allows them provide a quality of service and expertise that we have not seen matched.

Colm Brady | Director of Business Development | Thrifty Car Rental Ireland