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Advanced reporting on a website is a must. Knowing who is visiting your website and why, can help you tweak it to make it perform better.

Google Analytics and Adwords

Google Analytics is our preferred tool for website analytics and reporting. This well known tool provides all the functionality that you will need when it comes to monitoring your website’s activity.

  • See how new products are performing and compare how the website is performing versus the same period last month.
  • Track goals and monitor conversions

To create sponsored ads on Google we use Google Adwords. This allows you to create campaigns to push your product using a pay-per-click model. Silverarm will talk you through creating your first ad campaigns, selecting keywords, selecting bids limits and analysing your return.



As an alternative to Google Analytics, we also offer setup and consultation for Statcounter too.

For a non-javascript server side solution we also offer configuration of Awstats.