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The power of a website is fuelled by information and demand. This power can increase in 3 ways:

  • By having more information.
  • By having more up to date information.
  • By an increase in demand from the public for this information.

At Silverarm we specialise in data sourcing and transformations. It is often the case that a client will have a source of information required for presentation that is either not local, in a mismatched format or both.



Websites often want to retrieve information from a source that is not local. This can be information that is published from other sites or scraped (with permission) from other sites. In either case Silverarm use SOAP and XML technology to source this information and display it on your site seamlessly.



If the information is in some kind of digital format, the chances are that we can make it work for you and your website. Companies often find themselves in a situation where their old methods of information storage are now recognised to be too labour intensive and un-portable. They now need to use this information on their website and know that it is too much information to re-input by hand. Silverarm apply extensive use of regular expressions in this instance to extract the relevant information from these legacy company files.

This can be done as a once off transformation or – if the company needs to continue using its current IT infrastructure to maintain consistency – it can form a permanent link between the old and the new.