Silverarm Solutions Redesign

It’s not a bad complaint to say that you are very busy. It’s probably not ok to say that you are too busy to get around to the jobs that are not under deadline from your clients. Our site redesign was one of those jobs and we were always that little bit too busy to get round to the redesign.

After a while, enough became enough and we decided it had to be done. After all, our old site design had been around a long time and had become a little dated (ahem).

A few quick insights into our redesign:

  • The site is developed on a WordPress install.
  • The theme is a child theme based on our own SilverBootstrap theme template developed by us
  • The theme design was done in-house by our own team
  • We used the very handy Redirection plugin to create 302 redirects from our previous most-common landing pages


We aren’t quite finished yet and will be adding more touches to the site, but for now we wanted to get it up and running.

We plan on keeping our blog updated with new information as we go. We hope you check back soon.


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